Tatiana Korotkova Concert Choir

performing for Piotr Rubik's Oratorios

at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto

2007 and 2008




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2007 Concert                                               2008 Concert     



Dr. Tatiana Korotkova

Choir Director and Pianist


Born and educated in Russia, Dr. Korotkova is both an accomplished pianist and choral director. She has received her Bachelor's degree in singing from Krasnoyarsk Teacher's College, her M.Mus degree in choral conducting from the Novosibirsk Conservatory in Russia and a Ph. D. in Music Education from the Russian Academy of Education in Moscow. She has taught such subjects as choral class, conducting, score reading, harmony, ear training, and history of music at the university and college levels.


Tatiana's choirs have been on tour in many countries and have won numerous awards in Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Belgium, and the U.S.A. She directed several award winning choirs including the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Choir "Academy" , which was recognized as an outstanding international choir, has worked in several international projects, including one with the world famous Bach Academy in Stuttgart, Germany.


In Canada, Tatiana is a choir director and organist at an Anglican Church, teaches piano and vocal an The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts and also is the music director of the Children's Choir that has been participated in "Nutcracker" at Hamilton Place, won first place twice in a row at the Rotary Festival in Burlington, performed at the Tulip Festival in Ottawa and at the Niagara International Music Festival and recorded a Christmas CD.


As a director of the Mississauga Choir in October 2005, Tatiana prepared a choir for the Divine Mercy Oratorio. And finally, for the Polish Community KSM Radio she has prepared a concert choir for Piotr Rubik's Oratorio "Tu es Petrus"  in October 2007 and also for the Oratorio "September Psalter" in April 2008 - that were both performed at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto with great success.





      Piotr Rubik, Composer                                                                Rev. Marian Gil, KSM Radio


  Composer Piotr Rubik                                                   Father Marian Gil, OMI






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Dr. Tatiana Korotkova - KSM Radio Concert Choir

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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